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The Little Theatre of Miniature Ghosts presents Lost Morecambe

Lost Morecambe is a miniature audio-visual installation hosted in a battered trunk, and designed for an audience-of-four. Audience members wear headphones, for an immersive sound experience, and watch an eight minute film of projected images depicting Morecambe’s Edwardian Illuminations, the Winter Gardens, and some of the Music Hall stars who toured the regions over a hundred years ago. Come and be delighted!

Charming animations by Helen Newall
Melodious sound by Karen Lauke

Just some of the pages and pages of lovely feedback for Lost Morecambe, at the Morecambe Variety Festival, The Winter Gardens, 2016

  • It was enchanting, a lovely glimpse into Morecambe’s past.
  • Magical.
  • Stunning, mesmerising, wonderful
  • Fantastic, very enjoyable to watch in such a fantastic building.
  • Magical little show with lovely sounds & visuals. A+
  • Beautiful teeny thing,
  • Absolutely worth waiting for. An amazing journey to a lost world recreated in miniature
  • Fantastic!
  • A unique experience.
  • Utterly magical
  • Beautiful work. Top quality commission. Perfect for the Variety Festival & lovely to see Morecambe in its heyday – very innovative digital artistic film. Thanks, Angela, Arts Council England.
  • Stunning.
  • Utterly charming + poignant. Thank you.
  • 8 minutes of sheer joy & enchantment
  • Wonderful to be transported for 8 minutes to the weird and wonderful world of Lost Morecambe. My dad, an old Morecambe postcard collector, would have loved this had he still been alive, seeing the old postcards come to life.
  • An evocative journey through Morecambe’s glorious history. Thank you.
  • Beautiful & so unique.
  • Enchanting, charming, loved it
  • I’ve just been in a beautiful dream! Thank you!
  • Absolutely exquisite!! So original & haunting – Have never seen anything like it.
  • Loved every bit of it!
  • Absolutely wonderful
  • Better than Star Wars!
  • Magical, loved the intimacy and the nostalgia.
  • Tender + beautiful
  • Mesmerising! Brilliant! More!
  • Really magical. Lost myself in a bygone age!
  • Beautiful. Love the tininess of it.
  • It was BRILLIANT!!
  • What a lovely show! Very clever! Brilliantly surreal! Celebrates art + the heritage of Morecambe!
  • Wow!
  • Absolutely gorgeous,
  • Delicious tiny show
  • The opposite of IMAX, you drew us in to this tiny world & entranced us.
  • Truly enchanting
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